About Us

Synapse Auto is a remanufacturer in Greenville, SC, specializing in automotive electronic modules. We rebuild circuitry inside instrument clusters, engine computers, fuse boxes and more. We use top quality components and employ state of the art techniques to produce results surpassing original manufacturing standards. Our products are remanufactured to address root causes of common failures, which means they will outlast even new replacements. By upgrading modules with superior components, we offer customers a better alternative to high priced, lesser quality replacements. Our products provide a solution that outperforms used modules from a scrapyard or recycler. Such second-hand modules are likely to experience the same failures customers are trying to solve. We strive to provide the best option at a competitive price.

In addition, at Synapse, we provide our customers with top-notch care and support to ensure complete satisfaction. Real people answer customer questions and provide advice or instruction whenever necessary. Because of our direct experience rebuilding, testing and using our products, we are able to offer expert technical advice and input. And since we interact directly with end users, we remove the burden of customer support from our retailers.